Friday, June 19, 2009

MISTA Conference

Since 2003 I have chaired the Multidiscplinary Conference on Scheduling: Theory and Applications (MISTA). The first conference (2003) was held in Nottingham, the second (2005) was held in New York and the third conference (2007) took place in Paris.

The 2009 conference (the 4th in the series) is due to take place in Dublin (10th - 12th August 2009).

The conference is now only about eight weeks away and, as anybody knows who has organised a conference, it is a busy time for all concerned (both organisers and authors).

Our main efforts at the moment are being directed at ensuring that revised papers (taking into account the comments of the reviewers) have been uploaded and checking that each paper has an registered author.

Once we have registration/paper uploads resolved (in the next few days we hope), we will close the web site (we are using easychair) so that nobody tries to "sneak" in a late paper.

Then the task of producing the proceedings begins. This has to be done with great care as just a single mistake will haunt us forever.

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